Frame, suspension

Frame, suspension

The Arocs has the right solution according to the intended application.

Robust steel suspension or a combination of steel suspension and air suspension – the Arocs has the right solution according to the intended application. A robust, durable steel suspension provides good load capacity and high suspension comfort in construction site use. With the weight-optimised parabolic spring assemblies and corresponding precisely matched shock absorbers and stabilisers, you are all set for whatever your operations hold in store.

Depending on the gross vehicle weight, the front and rear springs can be fitted with 2-, 3- or 4-leaf spring packages. 5-leaf spring packages are additionally available for the rear axle. Harder spring variants plus reinforced stabilisers and spring brackets are additionally available for extreme operating conditions.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Robust and durable steel suspension for high load capacity and resilience in heavy-duty construction site operations
  • 4-bellows air suspension121 for optimised driving dynamics and ride comfort in primarily road-based operations
  • Two different application specific frames for construction site/off-road use and for road use, with different frame tracks of 744 mm and 834 mm and longitudinal members in three thicknesses of 7 mm, 8 mm and 9 mm
  • 8x6 and 8x8 vehicles with axle load compensation for reduced wear and better handling in off-road use
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Air suspension. For applications focusing mainly on road use, the Arocs comes with an air-sprung hypoid rear axle. This enables the Arocs to combine advantages such as good driving dynamics and high ride comfort.

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Steel suspension. The steel suspension on the Arocs performs well in every situation by virtue of its robust, solid structure, high resilience and high load capacity.

Construction-site and on-road use impose different requirements on the frame. That's why we have developed two for the Arocs. One with a narrow frame track of 744 mm, which boasts high torsional flexibility and stability even under extreme off-road conditions and one with a wide 834 mm frame track, which comes into its own in on-road use while also performing convincingly in light off-road use.

For applications focusing primarily on construction-site and off-road use, the narrow frame consisting of cold-worked, high-strength fine-grained steel, measuring 744 mm in width and with longitudinal members measuring 8 or 9 mm in thickness, is employed. This ensures high load capacity and torsional flexibility even in difficult conditions. When the Arocs is used primarily on the road, the 90 mm wider (total width of 834 mm) and more rigidly configured frame of 7 mm or 8 mm in thickness provides for a particularly good combination of attributes such as driving dynamics, torsional flexibility and load-bearing capacity.

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The axle load compensation between the front axles prevents overloading damage on 8x6 and 8x8 vehicles.

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