Ground clearance

Ground clearance

The Arocs demonstrates that with impressive style.

Ground clearance is a major asset at the construction site – as demonstrated by the Arocs in impressive style. Different types of deployment call for different degrees of ground clearance. Tractor unit, concrete mixer or tipper – the Arocs meets practically all requirements.

All Arocs trucks go into operation with a higher frame, resulting in greater ground clearance. All-wheel-drive tippers perform impressively even in difficult terrain, with their large ground clearance. Arocs tractor units offer sufficient ground clearance to enter construction sites without incurring any damage. For an optimised approach/departure angle, the Arocs features shorter frame overhangs.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Increased frame height for high ground clearance
  • Short frame overhangs for best possible approach/departure angle
  • Front and rear axles with varying offsets through to straight axle enable excellent ground clearance for every type of deployment
  • Optimised ramp breakover angle (ground clearance between the axles) due to different variants, e.g. of exhaust gas outlet, compressed air system and tank cross-section
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Ground clearance, tractor units. Thanks to a higher frame than comparable tractors in long-haul transport, the Arocs is specially prepared for construction operations as an air-sprung road vehicle as well. Specifically for use in the construction sector, Arocs tractor units also have short frame overhangs and components with an improved cross-section. As such, the Arocs offers a particularly good balance between vehicle centre of gravity and ground clearance.

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Ground clearance, all-wheel-drive tipper. Ample ground clearance, optimum ramp breakover and approach/departure angle – the Arocs all-wheel-drive tippers come into their own above all on unpaved roads, in off-road terrain and wherever uncompromising off-road performance is called for.

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