Sector-specific vehicle concepts

Sector-specific vehicle concepts

The specialists for special orders.

For particularly high load capacity and extreme conditions. The Arocs Loader and the Arocs Grounder are two construction specialists that excel where it matters: on the construction site.

The Arocs provides particularly efficient construction transport. The Arocs Loader and the Arocs Grounder are available to ensure this hallmark efficiency in tough conditions and payload-sensitive operations – when tipper vehicles and concrete mixers are deployed, for example.

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The Arocs Loader exploits the available weight-saving potential to the full. This results in payload-optimised 4x2 tractor units and 8x4/4 concrete mixers with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 32 tonnes.

Content sector specific vehicle concepts 04 2022

The tractor units and rigid chassis, including tippers and concrete mixers configured for especially tough operations, are front runners in terms of stability and robust­ness, too. The basis for the robustness of the Arocs Grounder is provided by the extremely strong frame con­sisting of cold-worked, high-strength fine-grained steel, with longitudinal members measuring 9 mm in thickness.

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