Interior & workplace

Interior & workplace

The Arocs cabs show what distinguishes a modern workplace.

During the first test drive and after countless trips: The Arocs cabs show what distinguishes a modern workplace. With exemplary ergonomics, high functionality and lots of practical details that simply make a difficult job much easier.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Ergonomically designed driver's workplace for enhanced driving comfort and ergonomics
  • Two dashboard variants
  • MirrorCam for improved visibility and greater safety
  • Remote control key, with comfort locking system on request
  • Comprehensive range of optional radios, multimedia facilities and truck navigation
  • Comfortable seats with a particularly generously-dimensioned seating area and broad adjustment range
  • Fast-acting air-controlled heating and ventilation system with residual heat utilisation, optional air conditioning, automatic climate control, hot-water auxiliary heating system and stationary air conditioning system
  • Comprehensive and individually extendable stowage concept featuring a host of practical stowage facilities

For enhanced driving comfort, ergonomics, ease of operation and optimum networking of driver, vehicle, headquarters and logistics processes, the Arocs is equipped with the innovative Multimedia Cockpit, interactive142.

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Multimedia Cockpit, interactive142.

For superior driving comfort, ergonomics and ease of operation, the Multimedia Cockpit, interactive142 is optionally available, with a large primary display (instrument cluster) measuring 12".

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Multifunction steering wheel, Touch Control Buttons262.

The multifunction steering wheel with Touch Control buttons which features as standard in conjunction with the Multimedia Cockpit, interactive142 enhances ergonomics and ease of operation.

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Keyless Start.

The standard vehicle key provides visual accents and simplifies handling. In order to start the engine with the engine start-stop button, it is sufficient for the key to be in the vehicle, which means it can remain in the driver's jacket or trouser pocket while on the move. Integrated NFC technology makes it possible to start the engine problem-free even in the case of the key's battery being discharged. The optional comfort locking system offers additional comfort features and makes the legally required light check easier, for example.

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Parking brake, electronic with hold function; Trailer Stability Assist.

The new, electronic parking brake with HOLD function combines simpler handling and a high level of safety. It is augmented by the familiar hill holder.

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Convenience telephony, wireless charging. (Inductive charging cradle currently unavailable.)

In conjunction with the Multimedia Cockpits, the Arocs can optionally be equipped with convenience telephony and an inductive charging tray on the dash support which can be used for the wireless charging of smartphones corresponding to the Qi standard.

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Radio infotainment system.

In conjunction with the Multimedia Cockpit, interactive142, the Arocs comes as standard with an integrated radio infotainment system that conjures up a whole new feeling in the cab. A digital radio featuring Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is also optionally available.

The StyleLine option lends the interior an even more stylish, modern character with aluminium-effect trim.

Along with the chrome strip and the lettering on the instrument panel plus the StyleLine badge on the exterior stowage compartment, the individual character is also underscored by chrome applications on the steering wheel, the steering column stalk and the parking brake. The chrome surrounds of the instrument cluster and the secondary Multi-Touch-Display262 add further brilliant highlights. High-quality velour carpet inserts for driver, co-driver and in the middle round off the individual character in style.

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The optionally available TrendLine offers wood effect trim elements to lend the cab a warm and extremely homely atmosphere.

The striking trim strip featuring TrendLine lettering on the instrument panel is complemented by additional wood applications on the dashboard in front of the co-driver seat and next to the steering wheel. Also included are velour carpet inserts for driver, co-driver and on the engine tunnel and the TrendLine badge on the exterior stowage compartment. Beyond the wood trim elements, the steering wheel and column stalks with chrome applications and chrome surrounds for the instrument cluster and the secondary Multi-Touch-Display262 add further individual touches.

The LED ambient lighting1 delivers homely illumination of the interior and thus provides a pleasing living atmosphere. For example thanks to both the ambient night-time driving light with blue LEDs and the indirect amber-coloured living area light. The LED ambient lighting1 also includes a dawn simulator as an added comfort feature.

The system comprises several illumination components which have been tailored to one another, such as the ambient light ring on the ceiling which offers various uses for day or night-time, then there is the reading spotlight and various LED spotlights.

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LED ambient lighting, driving and living (optional).

All the seats impress with a high level of comfort. The controls are intuitively arranged, the seats have a particularly large seating area and adjustment range.

The comfort driver's suspension seat is fitted as standard in the Arocs. The air-sprung seat boasts a high standard of seated comfort, several adjustment options and a flat-weave fabric cover. The climatised suspension seat is available as an option for even greater comfort.

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Comfort suspension seat. The optionally available comfort suspension seat offers excellent ergonomic conditions and plenty of comfort. The integrated seat heating contributes to this comfort.

The individually extendable stowage system enables a more orderly interior, greater efficiency and simple handling in construction transport.

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Home comforts in the BigSpace L-cab. The BigSpace L-cab with a width of 2,500 mm for road operations with frequent overnight stays comes with a comfort bed measuring up to 2,200 mm in length and 750 mm in width. The stowage compartments below it offer lots of space for bulky items, and can be accessed from the outside as well. For better organisation two movable and removable stowage trays are available as optional extras.

For added comfort, a host of additional practical items are optionally available, such as a refrigerator with a capacity of 25 l140, the high stowage compartment for the engine tunnel offering 15 l of space or the centre seat for a second co-driver. An optional folding table integrated into the dash support on the co-driver's side and a luggage net for the cab's rear wall are also available.

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Compressed air gun. The compressed air gun with spiral hose is a useful aid for cleaning the cab.

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