Construction site transport

Construction site transport

Build on safety.

Our cities are growing. The world over. The Econic is on-hand day in, day out. And it already meets tomorrow's safety standards today. Because that's the reason it was designed like it was. From the panoramic windscreen to the glazed folding door on the co-driver's side which reaches down to the ground: the direct view of the traffic and the construction site is almost unhindered. Something which cyclists and pedestrians will be grateful of. After all, it's much better to see them and avoid getting into danger in the first place.

Advantages at a glance.

  • For the transport of construction site materials in inner-city areas, the Econic offers an excellent view of the traffic situation
  • Intelligent safety assistance systems support drivers in their daily work

Econic 3235 L concrete mixer for Tarmac, London (UK)

Thanks to various chassis versions and standardised body interfaces, the Econic can be put to a wide range of different uses.Compact and manoeuvrable, suitable as a concrete mixer or as a tipper truck, with or without crane body, and so much more.

Econic construction vehicle in UK, Conway, CLOCS initiative

Econic concrete mixer for Moriarty Haulage, London (UK)

The Econic transports construction materials in inner-cities

The Econic transports construction materials in inner-cities

Econic 3235 L ENA 8x4 with concrete mixer from Liebherr in customer testing at "Die Logistiker"