Safety assistance systems

Safety assistance systems

Intelligent systems ensure maximum safety.

In terms of anticipatory driving and prevention, the Econic is a decisive step ahead of conventional trucks. And that has to do with its low seating position and the panoramic glazing of the cab, plus the fact that the Econic can be equipped with as many as ten safety assistance systems. With the aid of cameras, sensors and additional lighting systems, the driver can concentrate on the most important tasks – even in situations which require utmost concentration: in lively city traffic, when turning, manoeuvring and reversing, or in the case of a tailback being just behind a blind bend.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Safety assistance systems are available which are fine-tuned to one another
  • Designed specifically for urban operations
  • Image and sensor-based systems complement each other logically
  • Relieving the driver in dangerous situations

A comprehensive package of safety assistance systems helps Econic drivers to maintain a good overview in critical situations.

Blue: Imaging systems
Pink: Sensory system

Many more helpful systems.

A rain and light sensor as well as Lane Keeping Assist are just two of the standard pieces of equipment on the Econic. The pre-installation for a reversing assistant, a speed limiter for reversing and automatically activating hazard warning lights are also on-board as part of the standard specification. Work lamps help to illuminate the rear manoeuvring area as well as the area around the vehicle body. That leads to much greater operating safety in the hours of darkness.

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