Unimog implement carrier


Efficient power for the energy industry.

Professional implement carrier, powerful transport vehicle, mobile workshop: the Mercedes-Benz Unimog combines all of these talents in a single vehicle. And thus covers the whole scope of functionality that an effective fleet in the energy sector needs.

It doesn't matter whether it's new energy sources that you're looking for, whether mining is your thing, or whether you're responsible for the maintenance, checking and repairing of worldwide supply networks – thanks to its unique vehicle concept, the Unimog allows you to get where you need to be fully loaded and with full steam. To the places where the energy industry takes you on a daily basis: off-road.

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Even if things are out of action, the Unimog really gets things going. If there's a problem in your network, it brings your team, machinery, tools and materials directly to site without you having to load them onto different transport vehicles. You can then quickly set up and resolve the incident as quickly as possible. Power up, costs down: the calculation works to your advantage.

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