Unimog implement carrier


Always keep an eye on the situation.

The front-end dimensions and the position of the driver are especially important when working with front-mounted implements. Unlike the majority of bonneted vehicles, the short nose of the Unimog gives much greater visibility of the working areas to the front, especially when large implements such as snow ploughs are fitted.

In the Unimog, the line of sight reaches the road much closer to the vehicle, reducing blind spots and providing optimal all-round visibility thanks to its large-scale panoramic glazing, the driver's seating position and the short front-end dimensions. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog thus helps actively ensure that the driver recognises dangerous situations early on and can thus also react more quickly to them. And that advantage can be made even better thanks to the optionally available camera system with up to three cameras and a single monitor.

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Thanks to the optional VarioPilot® transferable steering, drivers always have the best possible seating position. A mowing door with a swivel seat is also available as an optional extra.

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Optimising the overview and simultaneously facilitating the coupling up of implements are the two main advantages of the optional camera system. The system comprises a front-mounted and rear-mounted camera, as well as a freely-positionable additional camera for mounted implements. The camera images are shown on a monitor in the interior. As a result, the driver also has a view of the areas around the vehicle, as well as a perfect view of the front mounting plate when swapping implements.

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