Extreme off-road Unimog


Top performing technology with power as standard.

In the Unimog, the fully synchronised electro-pneumatic transmission (EPS) with its eight forward and six reverse gears provides the vehicle with propulsion. A special off-road group is also available with an additional eight forward and eight reverse gears for low driving speeds. It is characterised by particularly smooth running, a long service life and great efficiency. In addition, with the synchronised Electronic Quick Reverse group, quick changes in the direction of travel are possible, e.g. for rocking the vehicle free on rough off-road terrain.

The Unimog ensures for itself the full range of possible applications, not least through its well-proven transmission power take-offs – for example, with different speeds to suit hydraulic pumps or water pumps for fire appliances. Thanks to an optimised floor assembly, the transmission power take-offs are excellently accessible and are highly versatile.

With the rear-axle drive system for the road and the pneumatically engageable all-wheel drive for off-road use, you have maximum traction in every situation. And when the going gets really tough, differential locks on both axles ensure full power transmission. This way you can be sure to be able to move forward even if only one wheel has sufficient traction. This enables the Unimog to tackle gradients of up to 100 %.

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Two drive programs help reduce the driver's workload: in automatic mode "A" – whilst taking into account the load, accelerator position, engine operation, climbs/inclines and the engine brake – the drive program handles gear changes and clutch operation entirely. However, if it becomes necessary for the driver to manually change gear using the multifunction lever, this is also possible.

Complete control is offered by the "M" drive program (manual). Here, gear selection is also made using the multifunction lever. The driver determines the gear and the clutch operation occurs automatically.

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