Extreme off-road Unimog


Balanced axle load distribution as well as about very good visibility conditions.

The safety features of the all-terrain Unimog include its low centre of gravity and balanced axle load distribution, which has a positive effect on the vehicle's handling, as well as enabling excellent visibility in the range of travel and operation. The optional camera monitor system improves vision further. When the Unimog does have to finally stop, it does so with the pneumatic braking system with off-road ABS, automatic load-dependent brake force control (ALB) and disc brakes on all four wheels.

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In addition to the three-point mounting system for cab, engine and transmission, the heavy-duty frame also has a double three-point mounting for torsion-free and stress-free mounting of bodies. They are located at specifically-defined positions which are optimally suited for the introduction of thrust, tension and weight forces. The three-point mounting de-couples cab from body. This enables the vehicle to remain torsionally flexible and fully operational at all times, even in extreme terrain.

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