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Technical data
Unimog U 4023/U 5023

Technical data

Everything including engines, dimensions, axles and fuel tank volumes, as well as approach and departure angles.

In this section, we will provide you with information about technical details of all model variants of the highly off-road capable Unimog – starting with the engines and the dimensions, right up to axles and fuel tank volumes, as well as approach and departure angles.

The technical data is also available as a PDF document for you to download in the Downloads area.

Engine (Euro VI) OM 934 LA OM 934 LA
Output kW/hp 170 kW/231 PS 170 kW/231 PS
Torque at rated engine speed (rpm) 900 Nm/1.400 900 Nm/1.400
Clutch SAE-2 Ø 395 mm single-disc dry clutch (organic) SAE-2 Ø 395 mm single-disc dry clutch (organic)
Transmission UG 100/8 UG 100/8
Axles Torque tube guided portal axles with coil springs Torque tube guided portal axles with coil springs
Front axle (Model variant) 737.367 737.223
Rear axle (Model variant) 737.367 737.223
Electrical system 24 V 24 V
Battery capacity (standard/optional) 100/170 Ah 100/170 Ah
Fuel tank capacity Nominal volume Nominal volume
Steering with max. steering pressure ZF 8095 / 170 bar ZF 8095 / 170 bar
Brakes Pneumatic disc brakes Pneumatic disc brakes
Smallest tyres (tyre/rim) 335/80 R20 365/80 R20
Biggest tyres (tyre/rim) 425/75 R20 and 405/70 R24 455/70 R24
Drive type Engageable all-wheel drive Engageable all-wheel drive
Wheelbase 3.850 mm 3.850 mm
Perm. GVW (max. with relevant optional extras) 10,3 t 14,5 t
Max. weight on front axle 4,6 t 6,4 t
Max. weight on rear axle 6,0 t 8,8 t
Angle of approach/departure 41°/39° 43°/41°
Turning circle 16,3 m 16,4 m
Body space (max. L × W × H) 4.100 × 2.280 × 1.400 mm 4.100 × 2.280 × 1.400 mm
Fording depth (standard/optional) 0,8 m/1,2 m 0,8 m/1,2 m
Road speed 89 km/h 89 km/h
Engine data U 4023 / U 5023
Engine model OM 934 LA
Output according to DIN (kW/hp) 170/231
Number of cylinders/arrangement 4, Vertical in-line
Operating principle 4-stroke diesel direct injection
Total displacement (cubic centimetres) 5.132
Injection pressure (bar) Until 2.400
Compression ratio 17,6 : 1
Model variant 934.974
Max. torque (Nm) 900
Torque increase (%) 22
Nominal engine speed (rpm) 2.200
Fan drive manual
Fuel tank (l) 160 / 240
AdBlue tank (l) 18