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Mercedes-Benz Service.

Service and maintenance are among the most important aspects concerning the economy of your truck. Thanks to efficient processes, qualified staff and GenuineParts with series-production quality, Mercedes-Benz can handle everything that will keep your truck right there where it makes you money: on the road.

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Mercedes-Benz Service will keep your truck in the best-possible condition and thus always ready for action. And it all begins with a competent maintenance management approach – the be all and end all when it comes to sustainable value retention and short downtimes.

Thanks to efficient solutions like Mercedes-Benz ServiceContracts or Mercedes-Benz Uptime, you can be relieved of a whole host of problems which will be professionally resolved for you. And that leaves you to focus entirely on your core business.

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Maintenance work is always carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's specification and using Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts. This ensures that your Mercedes-Benz not only remains a Mercedes-Benz which is always completely ready for your operations, but also that it retains its value.

More than 2000 workshops with over 20,000 employees from the Mercedes-Benz Service organisation form a tight worldwide network which carries out more than 8000 workshop processes every day.

Highly qualified employees will look after your truck in a modern workshop equipped with all of the special tools required. Often even until 10 pm midnight, or around the clock. Controlled by efficient IT systems and processes, your truck will quickly be back on the road.

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Get rid of problems and have them solved professionally – that's why every single service employee at Mercedes-Benz is trained up to the best-possible level with continual training courses. You can rely on their reliable assistance, especially in tricky situations. That's because no-one knows your truck better than the employees at Mercedes-Benz. After all, it was developed and tested by Mercedes-Benz!

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Be it for regular maintenance, the avoidance of unplanned workshop visits or professional assistance in the case of an unforeseeable breakdown, your truck is always in safe hands thanks to Mercedes-Benz Service.

Repairs are carried out by competently, your truck is quickly back on the road and the terms of the warranty are upheld.

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