EActros in austria topographie

Mercedes‑Benz Trucks want to know: How operational is the eActros 300 as a semitrailer tractor in the mountains? Fully loaded with a total weight of 40 tonnes and with no charging breaks, off it goes to the test track in Austria – the route offers a hefty 2,300 metres of altitude. Perfect for testing the engine, battery and energy recovery, known as recuperation in technical terms. Because every descent and every braking offers the opportunity to recharge the batteries by allowing the eMotor to switch to a power generator. The result is impressive: On the 111‑kilometre route, the eActros recovered 180 kWh!

As a side note: In the second half of the year, the eActros will go into series production as a semitrailer tractor.


metres have to be climbed by the eActros on the test track.



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