Logging – Specification & dimension

Logging – Specification & dimension

If you want to stay ahead, you need a vehicle that meets this standard in every aspect. With its robustness, off-roadcapability, versatility, impressive reliability and cost-effectiveness, it acts eminently suited to fulfill all tasks in logging operation. Whether it’s at work in mud and mire or on smooth pave droads, the Actros impresses with its off-road capability, functionality, robustness and economy - everything essential for all of your business needs.

Rim size 8.50 - 24
Tyre size 12.00 R 24
Type OM 501 LA
Capacity (cc) 11946
Configuration V6
Injection system Unit Pump System (UPS)
Version Euro 2
Max. power (HP/rpm) 428/1800
Max. torsion (Nm/rpm) 2000/1080
Type Manual Transmission with Telligent Gearshift
Model G240-16/11.7-0.69
Gears 16 speed forward with overdrive + 2 speed reverse
Max. speed (Km/h) 85 (electronically limited)
Gradeability 45%
Battery 2 x 12V  220Ah low maintenance
Clutch Double-plate clutch with 400 mm diameter
Fuel Tank  
Fuel Tank 400 ltr. Steel
PTO gearbox-driven and switchable
Front 9.0 t with differential lock
Rear 16.0 t, crown wheel 300 with differential lock
Axle ration 6
Front 9.0 t hard, asymmetrical parabolic spring
Rear 18.0 t, hard parabolic spring
Main brake Dual-circuit full air brakes, automatic brake adjusting, roll back prevention, Telligent braking system with ABS and ASR
Additional brake Air actuated engine brake with compression valve
Wheelbase WB (mm) 3780
Distance between rear axles DRA (mm) 1450
Total length L (mm) 8305
Bed length BL (mm) 6460
Total width W (mm) 2487
Front overhang FOH (mm) 1510
Rear overhang ROH (mm) 1300
Chassis weights  
1st front axle (Kg) 5981
1st rear axle (Kg) 2564
2nd rear axle (Kg) 2564
Total vehicle weight (Kg) 11109
GVW (Kg) 40000
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