Ireland's RoadStars
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Ireland's RoadStars

Discover some of Ireland's RoadStars and their stories.

Meet Peter and PJ, two of the longest serving drivers at Molloy Waste. Bitten by the trucking bug early in life, they enjoy life on the road and their fair share of truck shows along the way!

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Meet Ken, a through and through Dubliner who found himself drawn into the industry whilst following in his brother’s footsteps. Delivering stock to some of the country’s most successful shops, he outlines the relationships he’s built along the way and how he has to adapt his vehicle depending on the job.

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Meet Przemyslaw, an adventurous car transporter from Poland who’s been lucky enough to drive some of Europe’s most picturesque roads. Having driven a range of trucks throughout his career, he explains why Mercedes are built for the driver and details one of his best days on the road at Lake Garda in Italy. 


Meet John, an honest Corkonian and Mercedes-Benz driver who is playing his part for the environment and Reynolds Logistics, placing high importance on fuel consumption. He explains the evolution of the tachograph and FleetBoard and how they are helping drivers in what is a progressively difficult industry. 

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Meet Janis, born in Latvia he is a recent convert to the truck industry risking it all to do what he loves for a living. Two years into his new career and he is still enjoying life in his Mercedes-Benz Actros. As someone who performs evening shifts in the Dublin locality, he explains why shorter distance journeys can sometimes be tougher on him and his truck compared to driving across the country and back.  

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Meet Mick, a fully focused truck driver who is privileged to drive Ratcliffe Transport’s anniversary Mercedes-Benz Actros. With only 200 of these trucks manufactured worldwide and given this model is the only one in right-hand drive, this state of the art truck has been paired with a driver to match. He appreciates the safety features within his truck highlighting the fact that two eyes are often not enough to operate these vehicles. 

Mick Lynch 1200x628

Meet Dennis, a loyal Mercedes-Benz truck driver who has spent over half of his trucking career using our vehicles. Transporting chemicals adds extra responsibility to his job which is why he appreciates the trust his employer, Chemifloc, places in him. He took the time out to tell us about his fondest memories on the road and how he first became involved in the industry. 

Dennis Fitzgerald 1200x628

Meet John, a pragmatic Kerryman who with the help of his Actros drives to and from the U.K. weekly. As each day presents new challenges he explains the dynamic nature of driving a truck and how he juggles his line of work with family time on the weekends. Having sampled a number of trucks down the years he spoke to us about why he is content in the Mercedes-Benz Actros.    

John Gamble 1200x628

Meet Darren, a dedicated Carlow man who calls his truck home from Monday to Friday. At age 37 he knows the steel personality every modern-day truck driver needs spending long periods on the road, and concedes that without it you may have to reconsider your dream of becoming a trucker.    

Darren Keogh 1680x945

Meet Tom, an easy-going and experienced lorry driver hailing from Baganelstown in County Carlow. He has witnessed the progression in the truck industry first hand over the years and whilst some things have improved he points out how other factors now make the job difficult for the modern day truck driver. 

Tom connolly 1680x945

Meet Vilmos, a Hungarian truck driver with an appetite for hard work and a love for his truck. Driven on by the ever-changing nature of his job along with the fact that he is getting to spend more time with his family now more than ever before, he took the time to speak to us about life in the cab and how he feels about working for Perennial Freight here in Ireland. 

Vilmos Buki 1680x945
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