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No time to waste.

The Econic. Available to order now.

We know that getting the right people and the right tools is no simple task. But when it comes to both waste management and time management, the Econic waste truck steps up to the challenge. 

The Econic has been designed to provide a powerful, ergonomic and efficient solution for waste disposal and transportation, with impressive features such as:

  • Low-entry concept with two steps into the cab to make work processes quicker and easier. The design of the cab means the ride is gentle on the crew’s backs and joints when making frequent stops.
  • Comfortable and spacious cab that offers greater freedom of movement, and is engineered to offer better working conditions.
  • Direct panoramic vision which provides an expansive view of the road, with a low seat that positions the driver closer to eye level with other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Intelligent safety systems specifically designed for urban operations including cameras, sensors and lighting systems to help the driver navigate busy streets, anticipate dangerous situations and support safer work routines. 

There’s limited stock available, so inquire about the Econic today.

Please note: changes may have been made to the vehicle since production of this content (November 2020) and images displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Please contact your local Authorised Mercedes-Benz Truck Dealership for further details.  © Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific Pty Ltd (ACN 618 413 282).

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