Buying your Truck


Reliable and efficient cover for your truck at all times.

Safety, reliability and efficiency – values you naturally expect from your Mercedes-Benz truck, but which apply equally to our insurance services as well. With a truck insurance policy from us you benefit from an insurance package that's perfectly aligned to your needs and those of your company.

Protected by a high-performance insurance product for your vehicle you can concentrate fully on your business. And if it comes to the worst, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your insurance company will respond quickly and reliably. Ensuring that you're protected on every journey and the wheels of business keep turning.

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If you would like to experience the convenience, flexibility and assurance of having your insurance solutions individually customised to match your needs, we invite you to speak to the team at AON about your Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

Our guardian angel for your Mercedes-Benz truck.

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Insurance arranged by AON New Zealand; Underwritten by NZI, a business division of IAG New Zealand Limited. Refer to the appropriate insurance policy for specific details of cover, terms and conditions. The insurer reserves the right not to accept certain vehicles and the right to issue the insurance policy subject to certain exclusions, conditions and limitations.

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