Home comforts

Home comforts

Well-thought-out living while on the road.

At first glance – and after thousands of kilometres: The interior design of the Actros with the well thought-out living concept ensures maximum relaxation during breaks.

The Actros stands for excellent living comfort – because the driver was the focus of attention during the development and design of the cabs: the result is freedom of movement aplenty and lots of stowage space combined in an effective, functional interplay. The choice of colours and materials creates a welcoming ambience and a pleasant sense of space while simultaneously underlining the distinct separation of workplace and living area.

Advantages at a glance.

  • High-quality, attractive interior design with distinct separation of workplace and living area
  • Home-Line and Style-Line interior designs
  • New packages: Comfort Package, Driving Package, Media Package, Stowage Package

Style Line interior design. The many metal-look or chrome-look trim elements and velour carpet inserts give the cab a modern feel. Classy interior features include the applications on the steering wheel and the steering column levers, as well as the air vent surrounds and the door handles. Brilliant exterior highlights include the chrome strip on the sun visor and the mirror covers.


Home Line interior design.
Wood trim, a velour carpet insert and warm colours enhance the look and feel of the interior and create a warm and extremely homely atmosphere. The wood-effect finish is used on the interior door handles and the trim strips on the instrument panel on the co-driver's side, on the seat base and on the hand brake valve, which is also enhanced by a leather sleeve.


The comfort-enhancing details of Actros cabs with a level floor include the step lighting which makes entering the vehicle easier and safer.

The socket on the left-hand side in the co-driver's footwell serves to operate 12 V electric devices such as a coffee machine, TV or laptop.

Ambient lighting. This subtle, dimmable blue interior lighting, creates a particularly cosy effect and better orientation during breaks or when driving in the dark.

A range of new equipment packages to enhance working, driving and living comfort are available on attractive terms.

With the SoloStar Concept and the extremely comfortable beds, the Actros has all the qualities that really count when it comes to living and sleeping comfort in the long-distance transport sector. Qualities that no-one would want to do without once they have experienced them.

The cab design provides for comfortable rest periods, more freedom of movement and the highest possible degree of functionality. The SoloStar Concept has a distinctly homely character with exceptional comfort for resting and sleeping as well as numerous equipment options. It is particularly suited to solo drivers.

The central element is the comfortable seat against the back wall of the cab, in which you can stretch out your legs. It is equipped with a head restraint and an integral 3-point automatic seat belt to allow the vehicle to be operated with a crew of two. Getting changed in the cab is also easy – as is eating thanks to the fold-down table with cutlery compartment. Restful sleep is assured by the 7-zone cold-foam comfort mattress.

SoloStar seat. The central element of the spacious living area is the extremely comfortable seat against the back wall of the cab. It invites you to take some time out and also provides a pleasant place to sit when eating.