Low total cost of ownership

Low total cost of ownership

Right from the start and throughout the vehicle's entire useful life.

From warranty extensions to maintenance packages to a comprehensive service contract including wear items – Mercedes-Benz offers a modular portfolio of service contracts comprising flexible repair and maintenance products which are geared to customers' requirements and which allow them to plan monthly costs and make optimal use of their fleet capacity. The combination of the full-service package Mercedes-Benz Complete and Mercedes-Benz Uptime is a particularly attractive option – in this case the service interval for the Actros is also increased to up to 150,000 km.

Any of these service contracts can be combined with the new and innovative service contract Mercedes-Benz Uptime, which helps to improve vehicle availability further and to optimise the planning of workshop visits.

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Advantages at a glance.

  • Optional Mercedes-Benz ServiceContracts for monthly instalment planning as well as increased vehicle availability
  • Mercedes ServiceCard for fast administrative processing of the Service24h support
  • TruckStore – professional used vehicle organisation for purchase and sale of used trucks of all brands, age groups and versions
  • Guaranteed residual value by means of the optional Buy-Back contract which is concluded at the time of purchase
  • No risk to trade-in value at end of contract

The optionally available Mercedes ServiceCard allows cashless refuelling on attractive terms at more than 44,000 diesel filling stations in the UTA supply network throughout Europe.

Obtain information on the added advantages of the Mercedes ServiceCard.

The comprehensive financial services offered by TruckStore make it even easier to choose a used truck which meets your requirements.

If you want to know how much you can expect when returning your vehicle, you can request a guaranteed buy-back price by way of the Buy-Back contract at the time of purchasing your truck.

Buy? Lease? Or start off with a rental arrangement? Whichever method you decide on, Mercedes-Benz ServiceContracts and CharterWay are able to offer you the appropriate comprehensive solution to meet your needs for vehicle procurement, mobility assurance and a reduced administrative workload. And Mercedes-Benz Financial Services can provide attractive leasing, financing and insurance products matched to the profile of your business.

Advantages at a glance.

  • All service contracts can be coupled with a leasing agreement to create individual ServiceLeasing products
  • Rental products from CharterWay Rental for flexible mobility solutions without tying up capital
  • Easy control of planning/costs through instalments precisely determined beforehand
  • Optional Mercedes-Benz ServiceContracts for mobility assurance and a reduced administrative workload
  • Mercedes-Benz Bank for individual leasing and financing products
  • Attractive discounts on insurance for vehicles equipped with certain safety features

The rental offers from CharterWay enable you to increase your transport capacity flexibly for the short term without any capital tie-up or risk.

You have recourse to a large rental pool covering a broad range of sector-specific vehicles for rental periods of one day or more. CharterWay Rental combines flexibility and straightforward arrangements. And it also allows you to calculate the costs as these are specified precisely in advance.

For longer rental periods of 24 months or over, vehicles can be obtained through CharterWay ServiceLeasing or CharterWay Long-Term Rental. Here you can configure your rental vehicle according to your own ideas and requirements. Fair return of the vehicle at the end of the rental period is all part of the deal.

With Mercedes-Benz Bank, one of the leading automotive financial services providers in Germany, you can count on an expert and dedicated partner with attractive leasing and financing products.

Available from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Plus3 financing, for example, allows you to combine the favourable monthly instalments of a financing package with the flexibility of leasing. Or you can choose seasonal instalment financing to adjust the instalment rates to your annual course of business.