More payload for more efficiency.

The new Actros meets the need for an extremely cost-effective solution to the challenges of long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage. To respond to this requirement all the more effectively in the payload-sensitive and high-volume transport segments, we have developed the new Actros Loader and the new Actros Volumer. That's because specialised tasks call for specialised tools – or rather, specialised vehicles.

The new Actros Loader payload-optimised semitrailer tractors and platform vehicles combine powerful, fuel-efficient Euro VI engines and job-matched cabs with the high standard of safety that is a hallmark of the new Actros.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Extremely high payload through application-oriented vehicle configurations and weight-reducing measures
  • Weight-saving equipment features deselection of certain items possible
  • Light, economical Euro VI in-line engines with a displacement of 7.7 or 10.7 l with ten power output ratings from 175 kW (238 hp) to 335 kW (455 hp)
  • Four cab variants
  • High level of safety through availability of all safety and assistance systems
  • Safety Pack

A lower net weight, a heavier payload – from the radiator grille to the end cross-member. The Actros Loader has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of payload-sensitive sectors. This is why it is among the lightest vehicles in long-distance transport. Regardless of whether as a tractor unit or platform truck. Quite simply, you can pack more onto the Actros Loader. And that pays off. On every journey.

The Actros Loader is available with the full spectrum of safety and assistance systems – either singly or bundled in an appropriate and particularly reasonably priced Safety Package.

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Huge transportation capacity, fuel-saving powertrain configurations, a high operating range and perfectly tailored to the intended application – the Actros Volumer shows how rigid trucks and tractor units should be built today to make high-volume haulage especially profitable.

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