Direct view

Direct view

At eye level with other road users.

The Econic allows drivers to encounter other road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, at eye level. The low seating position of the driver, the generously glazed cab and the additional safety assistance systems make for a great view of the road and pavements in all directions – and compared with regular trucks, that's a great advantage in busy inner cities and complex situations. This provides drivers with optimal support and ensures greater safety on the road.

Advantages at a glance.

  • DirectVision cab for greatest possible view
  • Low driver's seat position for direct eye contact
  • Glazed folding door which reaches down to the ground on co-driver's side ensures a clear view of pavements
  • Mirror system for extending the field of vision to cover the working area and blind spots
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In addition to the DirectVision cab, the Econic also features a clever mirror and camera system which extends the field of vision to include the working areas and the blind spots. The driver can thus always keep an eye on the important areas around the vehicle in accordance with the situation at-hand. And that's not all: upon request, safety assistance systems like Active Brake Assist or Sideguard Assist are also available to further support the driver. It's all about making traffic in our towns and cities that little bit safer.

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