The new Actros NGT
The new Actros

The new Actros NGT

Innovative, efficient & sustainable.

Environmentally friendly: Of all fossil fuels, natural gas has the best ratio between energy produced and quantity of harmful substance emitted. It can help reduce smog and the greenhouse effect.

Safe: Refuelling is just as easy as with other, traditional fuels. Natural gas is also lighter than air and therefore evaporates when emitted.

Economical: Thanks to the low costs for CNG throughout Europe and state subsidies in many countries the operating costs are lower than for diesel engines.

Convenient: Refuelling is quick and the network of filling stations for CNG is the closest-knit in the whole of Europe. CNG vehicles are also often exempted from traffic restrictions.

What is CNG?

  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a fossil fuel which is obtained through the compression of natural gas and consists mainly of methane and other light hydrocarbons such as propane and butane.
  • Can also be obtained through the fermentation of organic residues with a 100 % ecological process (biomethane).
  • Is stored in a gaseous condition at ambient temperature and put into fixed tanks under a pressure of approx. 200 bar.
  • Not to be confused with liquified natural gas (LNG), as in this case the natural gas is stored in liquid form at temperatures around –160 °C.
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The target group of the Actros NGT.

  • Environmentally conscious transport companies with a green philosophy".
  • Operations in the field of ecology and waste transport.
  • Specialised goods transport firms for mid-range deliveries.
  • Ideal for deliveries during the night and in traffic-restricted zones.
  • The new Actros NGT (Natural Gas Technology) can help improve the quality of air and life.
  • Available in the version 18 or 26 tonnes.
  • 100 % range up to 650 km.
  • Up to 95 % fewer CO2 emissions with biomethane.
  • Significantly lower noise than with the diesel engine1011.
  • Allison automatic transmission.
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