Agriculture and forestry
Unimog implement carrier

Agriculture and forestry

It masters any task, even if it's off the beaten track.

With pressure on costs increasing all the time and greater areas and distances to cover, farmers and contractors in particular require quick and efficient transport solutions. When you need to move from fields to roads and on to the silo, the Unimog delivers the most wide-ranging performance around: capable off-road and kind to the fields, fast and safe with speeds up to 89 km/h on the road – all with a great payload figure and high tractive force. The Unimog thus comes up to complex challenges with the highest level of efficiency and low costs per kilometre.

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Even changing attachments and implement bodies can be done with very little effort at all, thanks to the quick-swap system. Four attachment and mounting areas allow for the most diverse of implements to be mounted and thus also for the Unimog to be usable all year round, for example for mowing and winter service work. Be it in the fields or on the road, the Unimog is an impressive transport solution and, thanks to the low fuel consumption offered by the BlueTec 6 technology, it's also especially economic.

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