Fire & rescue
Unimog U 4000 / U 5000

Fire & rescue

Rescuing, extinguishing, recovering, protecting – both on and off-road.

Steep coasts, expansive forest areas, sandy ground. There are regions around the world where conventional fire-brigade vehicles struggle. The solution is obvious: The Mercedes-Benz Unimog. Thanks to its unbeatable dynamics in difficult terrain, it is the ideal patrol vehicle in fire-risk zones. And an on-site partner with a unique first-response potential.

One thing has top priority when fighting forest fires: Trust in the vehicle. For this reason, safety is the main focus in the Unimog. Down to the smallest technical detail. This starts with its self-protection system. High-pressure water mist, protective grilles, branch deflectors – these allow you even to drive through walls of fire without damage. The fire-proof special sleeves for cables guarantee additional protection from the factory. And: All important major assemblies are protected mechanically and positioned higher up.

For the best possible ground clearance in extreme terrain. The Unimog provides you with almost unlimited equipment options for the most varied tasks. Here are just a few examples: Equipped with a crewcab for up to 6 emergency services, you have a fast team transporter at your disposal. Or an indispensable companion when fighting fires on foot. Perfect for fighting fires from the vehicle: The practical roof hatch.

Yet even more is possible. Foam and water tanks with a capacity of up to 6000 litres, high, medium and low-pressure pumps, hose reels, stowage compartments for spades, axes or other equipment, ground spray cans for fighting grass and ground fires: Select to suit your requirements.

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More and more often, nature strikes in a flash. Mudslides cut houses and villages off from the rest of the world. An earthquake destroys entire regions in seconds. A flood threatens economic livelihoods. Forest fires endanger towns and villages. Tsunamis devastate whole areas. Hurricanes destroy infrastructure.

When every second counts, fire services, police, emergency services, local authorities and relief organisations around the world trust the Mercedes-Benz Unimog. It is a reliable helper in an emergency thanks to its unrelenting all-wheel drive, portal axles for extremely high ground clearance and powerful engines. It quickly cleaves a way. And implements its capabilities in full in crisis areas. Supplying the population, as a mobile workshop or a driving command centre. Or as an impressive emergency services vehicle with clearing and cleaning equipment or recovery tools. From the first minute until the last – the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is there.

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