Offroad & Leisure
Unimog U 4000 / U 5000

Offroad & Leisure

For the explorers among travellers.

Whether you want to follow in the footsteps of the great explorers or discover new places where no-one has been before - a leisure and long-distance recreational vehicle based on the Unimog makes it possible. Wherever the path takes you, you can count on great reliability, high robustness, unique off-road capability and a high payload.

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The Unimog is characterised by outstanding driving and operating comfort which perfectly fulfils your requirements. Numerous technical modifications are also possible from the factory and to suit customer's requirements. There are also virtually no limits to your requests for individually tailored body/equipment solutions.

With the Unimog, which can be enhanced to create the ideal travel companion - for example as an extreme off-road motor caravan, a robust and reliable expedition vehicle, for hunting or for rallies, everything is as you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz – on the first journey as well as after several thousand kilometres.

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With the Unimog, you are a match for extreme challenges. The world over. You can feel it on every journey: Fording, ascending, climbing and vanquishing are in the blood of the Unimog. And it will also cover quite a distance if necessary. With powerful, reliable engines that provide up to 160 kW (218 hp). Thanks to its almost indestructible and extreme off-road capable drive and chassis concept, it masters mud, stones and sand just as adeptly as snow, ice and unexpectedly flooded riverbeds.

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