Unimog U 4000 / U 5000


Efficient and economical.

The fully synchronised electro-pneumatic transmission (Telligent) with its eight forward and six reverse gears is characterised by very smooth running, a long service life and a high efficiency rate and is perfectly coordinated to the most varied areas of use.

An optionally available special off-road group with an additional eight forward and reverse gears guarantees maximum traction in the lower speed range from 1 to 15 km/h.

The synchronised EQR (Electronic Quick Reverse) reversing group makes it easier for you to manoeuvre or change direction quickly thanks to direct, fast switching between forward and reverse gear, e.g. to rock free off-road.

Content gear 01

AutomaticShift provides noticeable relief in work and transportation operations. Simply decide between M for "manual" and A for "automatic gearshift“ at the push of a button. All without using a clutch. Special feature: You can even use the gear shift knob to intervene and change gear manually when in automatic mode.

You can select between automatic gearshift when driving on roads so that you can concentrate fully on the traffic or manual gearshift, e.g. for full control of the vehicle when off-road. The clutch pedal can be folded out if necessary.

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