Off-road capability
Unimog U 4000 / U 5000

Off-road capability

Unique frame concept. Highly-resilient and flexible.

The offset frame with welded tubular cross members forms the basis for the unrelenting off-road capability of the Unimog U 4000/U 5000. It ensures the required stability on the road while simultaneously ensuring torsional flexibility off-road. This is achieved by three-point bearings for the cab, engine and transmission as well as defined interfaces for attachments and bodies. This makes articulations of even 30° possible.

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Advantages at a glance.

  • Highly-resilient, offset frame for low vehicle centre of gravity and high driving stability off-road
  • Short frame overhangs for large approach and departure angles
  • Safe, controlled driving in every driving situation

Waterways and flooded areas are no obstacle for the Unimog. Thanks to the torque tube technology, air intake pipe at cab roof level and water-proofed major assemblies, it already has a fording depth of 80 cm as standard. With the optional fording capability system, you can also pass through water depths of up to 1.20 m effortlessly. Safe and dry, without damage from the penetration of water or fine sand. Special sealing measures protect all the important components from penetration by water, moisture and dirt.

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