Unimog U 4000 / U 5000


Another benefit for difficult or soft terrain.

Another benefit for difficult or soft terrain: The TireControl tyre pressure control system which can be delivered on request. This allows the tyre pressure to be adjusted to the terrain quickly and flexibly while driving. You can use a switch in the cab to lower the tyre pressure, increase the tyre contact surface, prevent sinking into soft ground and thereby increase traction.

Advantages at a glance.

  • High traction, good self-cleaning and reduced tracks off-road
  • Flexible adjustment of internal tyre pressure to off-road and road conditions while driving
  • Longer tyre life span thanks to optimum tyre pressure at all times
  • Avoiding soil compaction and environmental damage thanks to low internal tyre pressure
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In contrast to twin tyres on the rear axle, the Unimog has four single tyres. The rear wheels turn in the compacted track of the front wheels, thereby providing high traction with low rolling resistance. The wide range of different tyre sizes and types enables the Unimog to be equipped specifically for the most varied terrain conditions.

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