The new dimension in agricultural logistics.

The Zetros is optimally equipped for the demands of agricultural harvesting chains with ever-longer transport routes. Thanks to excellent off-road capabilities and truck-like road suitability, the Zetros completes agricultural transport jobs fast, reliably and above all economically.

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It's thanks to the innovative vehicle concept that the Zetros makes such superior headway on both the field and asphalt: permanent all-wheel drive, 2-speed transfer case, fully automatic torque converter, traction tyres and the optional tyre pressure control system afford safe and comfortable traction on all types of terrain, with optimal protection of the soil.

Back on the road, the Zetros displays its design-related advantages to the full: safe and comfortable handling characteristics plus a spacious cab with conveniently arranged controls allow high average speeds and provide energy-saving and economical transport, even over large distances.

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