When you don't know which way to go, the most direct way is usually the most economical.

The Zetros combines uncompromising off-road qualities and high payloads. It's optimally equipped even for operations under extreme conditions, thanks to its rugged technology and high reliability. The perfect commercial vehicle for off-road use can perform the most difficult tasks in the energy sector – whether in surface mining, exploration or construction and the maintenance of power grids.

The balanced load distribution of the state-of-the-art bonnet concept allows hours of comfortable off-road driving. Voluminous 14.00R 20-inch tyres afford great ground clearance of up to 428 mm below the front differential. The optional 6-speed Allison automatic transmission with torque converter guarantees gentle gear changes without interruption of tractive power.

The low-lying construction of the cab allows installation of bodies such as work platforms and drilling rigs over the entire vehicle length. In addition, the Zetros offers a broad range of equipment options for special bodies. With a permissible gross vehicle weight of 18 or 27 tons, it's predestined for transport tasks off the road, as a workshop vehicle, with crane and dumper bed, or as a supply vehicle, among other uses.

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