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Fire & rescue

Fire & rescue

Forces of nature demand an equal opponent.

Whether earthquakes, floods or storms – the Zetros is the right choice wherever the forces of nature transform entire swathes of land into disaster areas. Rescue crews, extinguishing agents and equipment must be brought as fast as possible to the site.

The Zetros handles large distances, rough roads and different off-road passages with superior drivability. It combines its high payload with excellent off-road capabilities while maintaining good road suitability. Thanks to the permanent all-wheel drive, differential locks, single tyres and optional tyre pressure control system, the Zetros provides safe passage for relief workers and physicians. Up to three people have ample space in the roomy driver's cab, with stowage space for work clothes and equipment.

The state-of-the-art cab-behind-engine truck displays its full strengths when the going gets really tough off-road. With a fording capability of up to 1.19 m, it can easily navigate through deep mud and flood water. A permissible gross vehicle weight of 18 or 40 tons predestines the Zetros for off-road transport, rescue, fire extinguishing or recovery tasks, and for use as a fire fighting tank truck. The optional Allison automatic transmission with torque converter allows pump & roll use in forest fire-fighting.

The Zetros knows no limits. Its low overall height makes the appropriately equipped Zetros ready in no time for air transport to anywhere in the world.