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Optimal frame conditions off-road.

The Zetros offers superior handling characteristics thanks to special spring-damper tuning. The chassis is sturdy and specially designed for off-road operations. Long spring travel, shock absorbers and stabiliser bars provide a high level of ride comfort and top off-road capability. The axle suspension utilises parabolic springs. Variants for adjusting the axle loads are possible.

Optimal frame conditions off-road. A sturdy, long-life ladder-type frame with open C section longitudinal members and bolted C section crossmembers was conceived on the basis of the straight frame of the Actros. Inside reinforcements yield the utmost resilience. The frame is torsionally flexible with axle articulations of 2 x 500 mm along the diagonal. The front end of the frame was also appropriately designed for attaching front-mounted implements and raising or towing the vehicle. The frame concept moreover allows high flexibility with regard to the bodies.

Brakes. The Zetros comes as standard with powerful and maintenance-free drum brakes. The engageable anti-lock braking system (ABS) shortens the braking distance – even off-road and on loose terrain.

Standard: hydraulic 1-circuit power steering of type ZF 8098 with a high operating pressure up to 150 bar. For making steering easy. Bleeding of the hydraulic system occurs automatically and the steering column is adjustable, for non-tiring and comfortable operation of the Zetros.

With elevated ventilation and air intake above the cab, as well as fording-capable headlamps, the Zetros achieves a standard fording depth of 800 mm; the appropriate modifications (special equipment) make even up to 1,190 mm possible1005.