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Safely and relaxed off road.

The arrangement of the driver's area behind the front axle and the suspension tuning together form an ideal work station in the Zetros under difficult road conditions and away from paved roads. Especially in winter service operations, its bonnet concept and the long wheelbase yield smooth and safe handling characteristics. The low seat position behind the front axle affords both driver and co-driver an optimal angle of vision of the entire working area.

Advantages at a glance.

  • High level of ride comfort and relief of driver and co-driver through optimal position of the driver's cab
  • Positive driving qualities even on difficult terrain thanks to balanced axle load distribution
  • Safe driving feel and intuitive car-like steering ability thanks to state-of-the-art bonnet concept
  • Optional fully automatic transmission for even greater safety and improved equipment operation
  • The attachment via consoles prevents stress between the body and chassis off-road, guaranteeing damage-free and safe transport
  • Easy entry and exit on the side facing away from traffic thanks to omission of engine tunnel, low-level construction and ideal visibility concept