Technical data

Technical data

From the dimensions to the axles and tank capacity.

The Zetros comes with 2 axles, as the 1833 A 4x4 with a 4,800 mm wheelbase, or in four 3-axle variants: the 2733 A 6x6 with 4,800 mm wheelbase, the 3643 A or 4043 A 6x6 with 5,100 mm wheelbase and the 3643 6x4 with 4,500 mm wheelbase.

The chassis weight varies from 8.1 t to 11.5 t according to vehicle version, and the permissible gross vehicle weight from 16 to 36 t (in combination with trailer brake) or 40 t (without trailer brake). The standard platform body has a length of 5.1 m on the 4x4 and 6.2 m on the 6x6, with other dimensions being available at any time on request. Your Mercedes-Benz Trucks partner will be glad to provide further information.

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