Services for your Truck


Practical telematics services for optimum fleet management.

Managing your fleet efficiently is no mean feat. Price pressure, tight deadlines, competition, rising costs and a decrease in the number of qualified employees are the challenges that you are confronted with on a daily basis.

With Fleetboard you increase the efficiency of your fleet, save costs and reduce wear. Thanks to the data which we provide to you in real time, you always have an eye on your fleet and can use the intelligent connectivity between drivers, the fleet and the order. Benefit from our expertise and together we will further develop the potential of your fleet. We are advancing the digitisation of logistics – come and join us!

Details of further advantages of Fleetboard are also available at www.fleetboard.com or directly from your authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Fleetboard Order Management2 for efficient logistics processes
  • Fleetboard Time Management2 for optimal resource and trip planning as well as easy compliance with statutory regulations and reduction of the documentation workload
  • Fleetboard DispoPilot.app10 for the flexible organisation of transport capacities
  • Fleetboard Driver - the app for drivers
  • Plus: fuel savings of up to 15% through Fleetboard Performance Analysis2, Fleetboard EcoSupport and Mercedes-Benz EcoTraining2