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Reduced fuel consumption

Reduced fuel consumption

The Arocs and Atego make extremely efficient use of fuel.

With the Arocs and Atego you have vehicles which use fuel extremely efficiently. Plus: the combination of vehicle technology and services such as our driver training enables substantial additional reductions in fuel costs. An accomplished driver can make a good truck even better.

The design of the Atego and Arocs has been optimised down to the finest details in the interests of reduced drag. From the bumper via the corner panelling to the roof – everything contributes to a low level of aerodynamic drag and thus to reduced fuel consumption. Aerodynamic attachments also reduce fuel consumption. Tyre pressure monitoring results in reduced rolling resistance, thereby also contributing to low fuel consumption.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Complete Euro VI engine range: Two displacement classes, seven output ratings from 115 kW (156 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp)
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to economical, efficient engines and short shift times
  • Job-matched rear-axle ratios and transmissions
  • Fuel-efficient auxiliary consumers
  • Sophisticated aerodynamics

A broad selection of job-matched rear axle ratios and transmissions also contributes to reduced fuel consumption. Short shift times and economical auxiliary consumers such as on-demand compressed air control and the power steering pump additionally help to reduce fuel consumption.

The economical Euro VI engines for the Atego are available in two displacement classes and with seven power output ratings, from 115 kW (156 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp).