Ride comfort, good body-mounting ability

Ride comfort, good body-mounting ability

Efficient work, superior driving performance. The Atego has what it takes.

You can expect a great deal from the Atego: efficient working with the vehicle, for example, excellent handling and high body-mounting ability. Which all adds up to just about everything you need. And right from your first trip, you won't want to do without any of these assets.

The Atego imparts a very good, self-assured feeling behind the wheel. This stems from Stability Control Assist, the cab suspension system, the steering, the rear axle guide and the suspension, all of which work together in exemplary fashion.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Superior ride comfort, high body-mounting ability
  • Stability Control Assist
  • 4-point cab suspension system
  • Low roll understeer thanks to optimised rear axle guide
  • Direct, responsive steering for high directional stability and low requirement for corrective action on the part of the driver
  • Application specific suspension variants for high ride comfort and gentle transportation of loads
  • Excellent body connection options and integration of body
  • Cost-saving ex factory pre-installation solutions
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Precision steering. The Atego's sensitive steering provides for simple, exact handling during manoeuvring, while at high speeds it ensures reliable straight-line stability, high directional stability and a correspondingly reduced need for corrective steering.