Low total cost of ownership

Low total cost of ownership

Right from the start and throughout the vehicle's entire useful life.

When you choose one of our trucks, you can count on being able to operate particularly economically. This is because the high residual value you can expect reduces the operating costs throughout the entire period of use. At the same time, you are laying the foundations for the future. Because a first-rate truck is an investment in the next truck.

Clearly calculable costs without any nasty surprises – Service Contracts from Mercedes-Benz facilitate long-term planning at attractive rates.

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Advantages at a glance.

  • Mercedes-Benz ServiceContracts for plannable monthly instalments as well as increased vehicle availability: Mercedes-Benz Extend (extended warranty on drive system), Mercedes-Benz ExtendPlus (follow-on warranty), Mercedes-Benz BestBasic (maintenance package), Mercedes-Benz Select (combination of drive system warranty and maintenance) and Mercedes-Benz Complete (full service)
  • Mercedes ServiceCard for fast administrative processing of the Service24h support
  • TruckStore – professional used vehicle organisation for purchase and sale of used trucks of all brands, age groups and versions
  • Guaranteed residual value by means of the TruckStore Buy-Back contract2 which is concluded at the time of purchase
  • No risk to trade-in value at end of contract

Benefit from an impressive range of products and services and first-class advice: The comprehensive financial services offered by TruckStore make it even easier to choose a used truck which meets your requirements. Choose between classic financing and leasing arrangements or numerous individual variants to help reduce your capital commitments.

In order that you know for certain how much you can expect to get for your truck, its residual value is already guaranteed by means of the Buy-Back contract which is concluded at the time of purchase. As a calculable factor for the future, this provides you with a sounder basis on which to plan the allocation of your capital resources – also with regard to the investment in your next truck.

Buy? Lease? Or start off with a rental arrangement? Whichever method you decide on, Mercedes-Benz is able to offer you the appropriate comprehensive solution to meet your needs for vehicle procurement, mobility assurance and a reduced administrative workload. And Mercedes-Benz Financial Services can provide attractive leasing and financing products matched to the profile of your business.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Easy control of planning/costs through instalments precisely determined beforehand
  • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services for individual leasing and financing products

With Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Singapore you can count an excellent and dedicated partner with attractive leasing and financing products. Please contact us for further details.