Unimog U 4023/U 5023


Direct power.

The engine PTO of the highly off-road capable Unimog offers enormous operational potential. It delivers a torque of up to 600 Nm, for the operation e.g. of fire-fighting pumps or hydraulic motors.

The Unimog ensures for itself the full range of possible applications not least through its well-proven transmission power take-offs - for example a fast one for hydraulic pumps and a very fast one for fire brigade pumps. Thanks to an optimised floor assembly, the transmission power take-offs are excellently accessible and are highly versatile.

The vehicle hydraulics system is used to operate equipment such as self-recovery winches or hydraulic working tools. The single-circuit hydraulics provides an operating pressure of 240 bar at a delivery volume of 60 l/min and 24 kW pump output. Standardised plug connections are located at the front and rear.

The optional dual-circuit municipal hydraulics make the Unimog even more versatile: Interchangeable attachments and add-on units can thus be operated simultaneously.

Four standardised sockets in the cab and outside enable the connection of electrical consumers such as control and operating systems for implements - without the need for any cabling.