Sleeping comfort

Sleeping comfort

Sleep just like at home.

The wrap-around curtain, a reading light and controls (accessible from the bed) for the MirrorCam, radio, light, pop-up roof as well as the auxiliary heater and optional auxiliary air conditioning make for even greater comfort when resting or sleeping.

Restful sleep is assured by the 7-zone cold-foam comfort mattress. Even greater comfort is provided by the optional PremiumComfort multizone mattress which is available for both the upper and the lower bed.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Comfortable beds268 measuring up to 2200 mm in length and 750 mm in width
  • Upper comfort bed with level control and a width of 750 mm48, 268
  • Upper comfort bed268 optionally available with a width of 600 mm
  • 7-zone comfort mattress, optionally PremiumComfort mattress
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Comfort bed, top, wide, with level control48, 106. In all of the L-cabs (except: L-cab ClassicSpace, 2.3 m wide) the upper comfort bunk with a high quality cold-foam mattress (750 mm wide and 2000 mm/2200 mm long) provides for maximum relaxation and sleeping comfort in the 2.3 m/2.5 mm wide cab if required.

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Comfort bed, bottom. Maximum comfort for relaxing and sleeping in all L-cabs: this is ensured by the dimensions of 750 mm wide and 2000 mm long (for 2.3m cabs) or 2200 mm long (for 2.5m cabs). A single-piece, high-grade, 110-mm-thick, 7-zone cold-foam mattress with a sprung bed subframe gives individualised support to the different areas of the body while providing efficient aeration from below. The bed, together with the bedclothes can be folded up completely and secured in place on the cab rear wall using two T straps. This simplifies access to the outer stowage compartments and makes it possible to use the large seat adjustment range to the full.