Vehicle Return Standards
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Vehicle Return Standards

If you return your Truck at the end of your agreement, our third party collection agent Drive Direct will collect your vehicle. They’ll complete a safety appraisal to make sure that your vehicle is safe to be driven away please remember that this is not a damage inspection. A damage inspection will take place when your vehicle is returned to the Defleet site, and if there is damage on your vehicle that falls outside our Vehicle Returns Standards, we’ll send you an invoice of the damage charges.

We don’t expect your truck to be in totally perfect condition when it’s returned, which is why we’ve put together a list of our Vehicle Return Standards. These will help explain the difference between acceptable wear and tear and unacceptable damage, simply click on any of the categories below.

  • All returning vehicles must have a full tool kit, including lifting jack (where the vehicle is supplied or fitted with a spare wheel). If any tools, including the lifting jack, are missing from a returned vehicle, these must have been deleted by prior arrangement.
  • All vehicle documents, including the registration document (V5); the current MOT certificate; and for some customers, the plating certificates VTG 6T and 7T, must be provided along with the Tachograph calibration certificate(s), (or a completed mileage verification form supplied by the returning customer).
  • Vehicles must be returned with complete service, repair and maintenance records (equivalent data in the form of a computer printout will be accepted), from a Mercedes-Benz Official Workshop.

Now is the time to start thinking about the return of your Mercedes-Benz. This is designed to help prevent any avoidable charges you may be faced with, and what we consider acceptable and unacceptable damage. To find out more about your options at the end of your Operating Lease, Contract Hire, Hire Purchase, Agility or Finance Lease agreement please click below.

Should you have any further questions, contact your local Dealer who will be able to offer you expert advice and guidance.


If your truck has unacceptable damage, or parts missing, we’ll send you an invoice for these charges after the inspection. This invoice will also include any excess mileage, insufficient service history and extra days’ rental if applicable.

On the collection of the vehicle if there is any damage which has been caused that was not present during the pre-inspection this will be reviewed and charged accordingly. If you have had repairs carried out during this time, we would recommend that you keep a copy of the relevant invoices.

To arrange a date for Drive Direct to come and collect your truck, please email

To discuss any queries regarding the vehicle return standards or for vehicle document enquires please contact your local dealer.

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