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Reliable assistance

A breakdown or an accident? Mercedes-Benz Service gives you professional assistance. Mercedes-Benz Service24h round the clock.

If your truck should unexpectedly fail, that can quickly become both stressful and a nuisance. And it's precisely in such extreme situations where you can rely on help with such problems at any time of the day: Mercedes-Benz Service24h is available 365 days a year to get you back moving.

The Mercedes-Benz Service24h hotline is available on +44 207-660-99921020 in your own language right around the clock. In the event of damage, 900 workshops are available all over Europe for you 24 hours a day. Optimally equipped technicians will be dispatched to you in their mobile workshops, and 4 out of 5 breakdowns can often even be remedied directly on the roadside.

Mercedes-Benz Service24h Hotline:

+44 207-660-99921020

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Following an accident, if required, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest available Mercedes-Benz workshop. With a Mercedes-Benz insurance policy, you will be issued a replacement vehicle to keep you mobile. And things are made even easier thanks to Europe-wide cashless payments with the Mercedes ServiceCard.

Mercedes-Benz Service24h Hotline:

+44 207-660-99921020

Building safe vehicles is the overarching aim of our safety philosophy. It also encompasses measures that help to mitigate the consequences of an accident. Among them are some familiar protection systems as well as a number of innovative technologies, too.

Providing key information to emergency services also forms an important part of our work. Because detailed knowledge of our vehicles and their safety systems helps the emergency services to reach injured persons more quickly. And thus to save lives.

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If a breakdown should ever cause your vehicle to become immobile, all workshop services can be simply, quickly and easily handled. As the owner of a free Mercedes ServiceCard you can enjoy particular benefits:

  • You receive rapid breakdown assistance thanks to the immediate issue of a payment guarantee.
  • No service charges for using the Mercedes-Benz Service24h.
  • Payment by invoice at authorised service partners throughout Europe.
Find out more about the services included with our fuel card. Benefit from being able to pay at more than 73,000 locations throughout Europe run by our partner UTA and pay your fuel and toll charges without the need for cash.

Nobody can know everything. But anyone can look it up: you can access everything you need to know about the mechanics and operation of our trucks online. Simple, clear, informative.

The online operating manuals available are for vehicles complying with German regulations only – please contact your authorised Mercedes-Benz Trucks dealership if you would like to receive printed operating instructions for other vehicle models and vehicle model years.

At this point we comply with information requirements in accordance with § 312 c Section 1 BGB (German Civil Code), Art. 246 §§ 1 and 2 EGBGB (Introductory Law to the Civil Code).

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