Charged for Tomorrow.

Charged for Tomorrow.

Discover the future of transport logistics.

The world is changing – and together a whole industry can be revolutionized. With battery electric trucks that are offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional fossil fuel-powered trucks. By utilizing electric motors and batteries, eTrucks are able to reduce emissions, lower operating costs, and provide a quiet and comfortable driving experience for truck drivers.

At Mercedes‑Benz Trucks, we are one of the pioneers in the development and implementation of eTrucks, to help create a more sustainable and profitable future for the trucking industry.

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“Battery electric trucks are the future.”

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What started out as a research deep dive into alternative fuels – exploring the possibilities of hydrogen and testing batteries – is now reality. In 2016 our first prototype of a battery electric truck came to life. Followed by the the eActros 300/400: charged and already on the road since 2021. Soon, eTrucks could be part of a new standard in the transport industry – and you can join in. The future is battery electric

“2016. The year of our first prototype of a battery electric truck.”

Choosing the future starts with changing today. We understand that change can be challenging, but it is also the driving force behind progress and innovation.

Integrating eTrucks that means upscaling in profitability and sustainability. Together, we can continue to drive progress and make a positive impact on what is yet to come.

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“It doesn't get better by chance. But by change.”

Your success is of importance to us. That's why we provide our customers with an integrated solution, which includes battery electric trucks and services, that cater to the unique needs of the businesses.
From individual eConsulting to e-specific services, we support you along your way.

Our eTrucks are ready to help you change your business for the better, and together we can contribute to a more efficient, profitable and sustainable industry.

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“Global change starts locally.”

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At Mercedes-Benz Trucks, we have a bold vision when it comes to battery electric trucks. It goes hand in hand with our commitment to getting CO₂-neutral transportation on the roads by 2050.

But we can't do it alone. We need your support and partnership to make a difference. So for your business, the industry, and the planet – let’s become charged for tomorrow.

“Let’s break new ground together.”

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