The eActros and its services

The eActros and its services

More than just a truck.

Sustainable, future-oriented, driven by innovation and quiet: that's the first all-electric truck from Mercedes‑Benz Trucks. But the eActros is more than just a truck. It is part of the integrated eActros solution which, in addition to the truck and its conventional services, also includes new eConsulting and innovative digital solutions – all of which bring us a little closer to the target of zero local emissions.

With the eActros 300 Tractor, we are expanding our range of local CO2 neutral heavy-duty urban distribution transport. As part of the integrated eActros solution, the eActros 300 semi-trailer tractor will help your fleet make the transition to net-zero local emissions effortlessly.

The eActros is available in two versions with three or four batteries. Each of these special lithium-ion batteries has a capacity of approximately 112 kWh3005, resulting in total battery capacity of around 3363004 and 448 kWh3004. All this power helps the eActros to travel distances of up to 330 km3006 and 400 km3002, although the exact range may vary depending on the geography of the area, driving method, outside temperature, load and body, among other factors. The eActros has excellent stamina, making it ideal for heavy-duty distribution haulage in urban areas.

Simulate your operations in the range calculator.

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EActros content charging

Filling stations are replaced by charging stations. The standardised charging system makes charging the eActros as intuitive as possible: apply the electronic parking brake, unlock the vehicle, connect the CCS Combo-2 plug to the vehicle's charging socket (it locks automatically) and let the charging process begin!

With a charging capacity of 160 kW, it can go from 20% battery to 80% in just over an hour with three batteries3009 and in around an hour and a half with four batteries. And with that, your eActros can hit the road again! Among other factors, the average charging time depends on the ambient temperature and the vehicle temperature, the charge level of the batteries and the charging capacity of the charging station. To stop the electrical charging process, press the stop button next to the charge socket to unlock the vehicle.

Pano eActros tractor

It goes without saying that the eActros comes as standard with proven assistance systems from Mercedes-Benz Trucks to assist drivers, especially in urban areas: from Stability Control Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Attention Assist and Sideguard Assist3010 to Active Brake Assist 5, tyre pressure monitoring and Roll Control Assist.287 The cab will also be equipped with a new fire detection and alarm system with which drivers can be warned in good time of an emergency. Because we want to make heavy, urban short-radius distribution safe and efficient.

What's more, all eActros variants are equipped with the legally prescribed Acoustic Vehicle Alert System as standard. This is an acoustic warning system that sounds when the vehicle travels at speeds of up to 60 km/h in order to make other road users aware of the vehicle, increasing safety in the process.

EActros content safety

The special Mercedes‑Benz Trucks electric axle with two motors, continuous output of 330 kW and maximum output of 400 kW provide for immediate and powerful acceleration. This incredible driving experience is supported by a two-speed transmission and a low centre of gravity.

Thanks to the Multimedia Cockpit and the MirrorCam as standard features, a particularly low noise level in the cab and low vibration (as there is no engine under the cab), driving and working in the eActros are made as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

Your Mercedes‑Benz Trucks service partner offers professional service – in the workshop and on the road with our OnRoadService..

High vehicle usage and full control of all service costs at attractive rates – the Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Complete service contract with Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Uptime Powerful makes this possible with a customised service package. Only Mercedes‑Benz Trucks GenuineParts are fitted to ensure that your truck retains its value.

Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Complete in combination with Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Uptime: Your all-round care-free package!

Your all-round care-free package.

  • Control of all service costs
  • Wide-ranging service package covers all maintenance work including wear-and-tear parts
  • Only GenuineParts from Mercedes‑Benz Trucks
  • Assistance and support from appointment coordination to invoice checking
  • Intelligent vehicle networking with Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Uptime
  • Particularly attractive monthly rates
  • Service contract terms of up to 6 years and up to 360,000 km, depending on vehicle equipment

In addition to the statutory warranty, Daimler Truck provides an extended warranty3007 for the power train and the high-voltage battery.

The eActros need not shy comparison with our conventional Actros. For example, we also offer our customers attractive used truck buy-back offers for the eActros via our proven TruckStore.

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Your Mercedes-Benz Trucks dealer can provide detailed information about the eActros and its options.

A selection of eActros models
Maximum vehicle lengths 9300 mm 6150 mm
Width 2,500 mm/aluminium rims 2,550 mm 2,500 mm/aluminium rims 2,550 mm
Model variant 983.003 983.493
Wheelbase 5,500 mm 4000 mm
Perm. gross vehicle weight 19 t 19 t (40 t)
Payload without body 10.6 t approx. 10.4 t
Cab/engine tunnel M ClassicSpace/engine tunnel 170 mm M ClassicSpace/engine tunnel 170 mm
Axle load (air suspension) 8.0/11.5 8.0/11.5
Engine performance (max./cont.) 400/330 kW 400/330 kW
Interface for electric power take-off - low power Peak: 32 kW (at 50% SoC); cont.: 20 kW (at 50% SoC) Currently under development
Interface for electric power take-off - high power Peak: 52 kW (at 50% SoC); cont.: 30 kW (at 50% SoC) Currently under development
Max. speed 89 km/h 89 km/h
Transmission 2 gears (+2 reverse) 2 gears (+2 reverse)
Batteries Lithium-ion batteries Lithium-ion batteries
Number of battery packs 3 3
Range Up to 330 km3006 Up to 220 km3013
Installed battery capacity 336 kWh3004 with 3 packs (each 112 kWh) 336 kWh3004 with 3 packs (each 112 kWh)
Charging power Max. 160 kW Max. 160 kW
Charging time3009 20 – 80 %: ~ 1 h 15 min 20 – 80 %: ~ 1 h 15 min

Li-Ion – UN 38.3.

Summary of UN 38.3 testing.
Manufacturers and retailers of cells or batteries which contain lithium and which were produced after 30 June 2003 must make available a summary of the testing, as defined in the Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, sub-section 38.3, paragraph 38.3.5. On this page, you will find the corresponding summary of testing for your Mercedes‑Benz Trucks vehicles. Additional information on hazardous materials can be found on the "Hazardous goods and hazardous materials management" website.

On-board electrical system and drive batteries.
Here you will find the summary of UN 38.3 testing which you require when transporting your Mercedes‑Benz Trucks vehicles equipped with lithium-ion technology.

Download the test certificate

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