bauma 2022


Our highlights at bauma 2022.

Each of the Arocs’ on-road and off-road variants are robust and efficient, ready to take on any challenge thrown at them. They also come with powerful and economical engines like the third generation OM 471.

A glance at the new features such as the optional 10 t front axle, the LED headlights and the up to 250 tonne Arocs shows that with the Arocs, you're in safe hands.

Feel the difference. The new 10 t front axle allows for larger loads and crane bodies, for example, that reach even further. Behind the wheel, the driver benefits from the advantages of the digital Multimedia Cockpit, interactive142, while Predictive Powertrain Control and the possibilities of Mercedes‑Benz Uptime complete the package.

The Arocs heavy-duty transporter up to 250 tonnes combines robustness, reliability and value for money with heavy-duty technology like the turbo retarder clutch and additional cooling system. The heavy-duty trailers come with push/pull functionality on the rear and front, while the cab is spacious and airy. Now in a new variant, the Arocs up to 250 tonnes also comes with air-sprung rear axles. Also new for the Arocs up to 250 tonnes: optional LED headlights.

The Arocs crane tipper provides the flexibility you need for a wide range of construction-site transportation tasks. Perfect for life on the road, not least thanks to the particularly powerful OM 470 and Predictive Powertrain Control. With the anticipatory automatic gearshift, this vehicle puts on a solid performance on motorways and country roads alike. On the exterior, the optional LED tail lights have a long service life and are easy to maintain.

More space for the concrete pump: the Arocs with ClassicSpace low roof cab creates space for high demands. The high-performance engine brake guarantees greater safety – and with Mercedes-Benz Uptime, you have the right tool at hand to prevent unnecessary workshop time, creating the potential to increase profitability, while Predictive Powertrain Control also reduces consumption on country roads.



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