Maximised use

Maximised use

Intelligent networking of vehicle, service and your transport company.

Intelligent networking of vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Service and your transport company enable vehicle use, vehicle capacity and the efficiency of your logistics processes to be increased noticeably.

This optionally available service innovation from Mercedes-Benz maximises the availability of your vehicles for optimum planning. Through the Mercedes-Benz Uptime portal the customer is given timely information regarding minor repairs that they can complete at a time that is convenient for them. This ensures they avoid unnecessary workshop visit and repair costs. In addition, thanks to continual monitoring of vehicle data in real time, repair and maintenance requirements can be detected at an early stage. The Dealer can bundle the pending tasks and prepare for the workshop visit. As a result, workshop visits and associated downtime are minimised. Relevant data from a trailer247 is now also analysed. In short, Mercedes-Benz Uptime ensures that you are able to fulfil transport orders more safely and efficiently than ever before.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Mercedes-Benz Uptime226, 250: real-time tailored service for customers that facilitates planning of workshop visits and vehicle availability
  • Service24h: fast help around the clock in emergencies37
  • Expansive workshop network with Europe-wide service outlets
  • Truck Data Centre as the basis for all Fleetboard services
  • Programmable special module to facilitate the control and operation of bodies91
  • Remote online & Remote Truck App91, 256 for operating many vehicle functions by smartphone
  • Optional Fleetboard apps for simplified handling and enhanced convenience in daily work

Mercedes-Benz Service24h ensures direct assistance in the event of a breakdown – 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. A call to the free16 hotline on 00800 5 777 7777 is all it takes. In the event of a breakdown, excellently equipped service technicians arrive at the scene with a mobile workshop to get the vehicle up and running again as quickly as possible.

To leverage Fleetboard's full service portfolio, there are desktop/client solutions as well as various apps for Android and iOS.

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