Sector-specific vehicle concepts

Sector-specific vehicle concepts

Specialist work requires specialist tools.

Giving you a greater payload and volume: in the new Actros Loader and the new Actros Volumer you have two specialists at your disposal that can simply transport more.

The new Actros meets the need for an extremely cost-effective solution to the challenges of long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage. To respond to this requirement all the more effectively in the payload-sensitive and high-volume transport segments, we have developed the new Actros Loader and the new Actros Volumer. Because specialised tasks call for specialised tools – or rather, specialised vehicles.

The new Actros Loader payload-optimised tractor units and rigids combine powerful, fuel-efficient Euro VI engines and cabs matched to the jobs they have to do, with the high standard of safety that is a hallmark of the new Actros.

The new Actros Volumer offers you the opportunity to operate more cost-effectively in the high-volume haulage sector. This high-volume haulage specialist includes features such as a coupling point height of less than 900 mm, to meet the exacting requirements placed on 4x2 tractor units. In practice, this means a clear loading height of 3 m. In addition to the large cargo volume, particularly efficient powertrain configurations and factors such as the huge fuel tank capacity contribute to the enhanced cost-effectiveness. With its Actros Loader and Actros Volumer models, Mercedes-Benz offers application specific vehicle configurations which allow you to run payload and volume-oriented transport operations more profitably.

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Particularly low coupling point height of under 900 mm, 3 m clear loading height, high-capacity fuel tank, fuel-saving powertrain configurations, wide range of cab variants

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Weight-optimised vehicle configuration giving greater payload, a range of engine outputs and cab variants geared to end-use applications, high levels of safety

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