An Event for Role Models of Driving Safety

Held by the Ministry of Transportation, Abdi Yasa Teladan is an annual event aimed at building awareness of commercial and safety vehicle drivers. This is carried out as part of the effort to improve the quality of human resources and commercial transportation services in Indonesia. This activity creates key role models in the commercial vehicle driver community to promote driving safety at all times.

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Empowering the Role Models

On 13 September 2019, DCVI received a visit from 35 selected drivers who were competing in the 2019 Abdi Yasa Teladan event. During this visit, DCVI gave appreciation and support to drivers by demonstrating the process of assembling Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles in accordance with German standards, visiting the end-of-line test area whereby product quality control is carried out, and presenting information related to Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles.

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Through this activity, DCVI showed its support for drivers to understand aspects of driving safety from a production perspective. Hopefully, drivers could increase their vigilance to operate vehicles according to their workload and function consistently. Additionally, the drivers were expected to better understand ways to operate safety features in their vehicles as to enhance passenger safety.

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Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront in promoting safety through the empowerment of 35 Abdi Yasa Role Model drivers as safety pioneers among their colleagues. In the future, hopefully all drivers in Indonesia are able to drive safely.

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