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The synergetic traction drive.

This system combines the advantages of a fuel-saving manual transmission for driving at speeds up to 89 km/h with a hydrostatic traction drive for working at speeds between 0.1 and 50 km/h. Advantage: working speed can be set steplessly and independently of engine speed and can be maintained at that level with the cruise control function. Incidentally, you can also use it to pull away and turn around without causing any wear to the clutch. Plus, the driver can also decide to make a spontaneous switch between the stepless and mechanical drive system when changing locations. All of that results in high levels of efficiency and relieves drivers of more stress so that they can better concentrate on the work.

The synergetic traction drive can be varied simply in four different ways:

  • Using the accelerator and brake pedals
  • Using the working mode cruise control
  • Using the left-hand steering column control
  • Using the multifunction joystick
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Find your local Unimog dealer and have a chat about your specific requirements.Or arrange for a test drive and see for yourself how beneficial the EasyDrive synergetic traction drive system is.

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