Extreme off-road Unimog


More than 75 years of development experience.

The highly off-road-capable Unimog is the embodiment of more than 75 years of development experience: Portal axles, all-wheel drive, central tyre inflation system and differential locks on both axles and an extremely torsionally-capable vehicle frame enable the U 4023 and the U 5023 to advance in even the most arduous terrain. For instance thanks to TireControl plus: The preset modes "road", "sand" and "bad road" make the selection of the correct tyre pressure at the touch of a button and easy and automatic.

The engageable all-wheel drive system brings the vehicle steadily forward even on difficult terrain. To prevent any wheel from spinning, differential locks can be engaged. The single-tyre principle is also well thought-out: The rear wheels follow in the tracks made by the front wheels and are thus able to use the firmness of the surface already compacted by them.

The engine has been positioned in a central position under the cab. This results in a balanced axle load distribution, which has a positive effect on vehicle handling. And when the Unimog does have to stop, it does so with the pneumatic braking system with off-road ABS, automatic load-dependent brake force control (ALB) and disc brakes on all four wheels.

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At the core of the Unimog U 4023 and Unimog U 5023's all-terrain capabilities is the cranked vehicle frame with welded-in tubular cross members. Thanks to its torsional flexibility in combination with torque tube technology and the 3-point mounting of engine, transmission, cab and body, a diagonal torsion of up to 600 mm is possible. As the frame is completely welded, it possesses great torsional resistance. At the same time the cranked frame makes possible both a low centre of gravity and high ground clearance. The typical Unimog portal axles also ensure this. And the asymmetrical arrangement of the axle differentials makes it easier to override obstacles.

Short frame overhangs at the front and rear result in large approach/departure and ramp breakover angles, so that hardly any steep terrain presents a difficulty for the Unimog. Add to this the following: Water-protected units, the raised air intake tube and ventilation ducts make fording of bodies of water with a depth of up to 800 mm (optionally 1200 mm) possible.

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The cranked frame with welded-in tubular cross members is the heart of the vehicle's torsional capability.

By connecting the axles to the transmission by means of torque tube and thrust ball, an axle articulation of up to 30° is possible. And encapsulation protects the drive shaft against contamination with dust, water and other outside influences when driving off the beaten track.

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Torque tube technology and helicoidal springs enable extreme spring travel and a great axle articulation of up to 30 degrees.

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